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2010-08-20 Marc Digesti 1999 Founder of PerformancEDU I second the "shout out" to the SHOCKER nation
2010-03-15 James Holcomb 1999 Colleigate Scout Want to give a big "SHOCKER" out to the '99 team! Keep it rollin' Sav!
2010-03-07 Lisa Atkerson Looking forward to this year 2010. My Son Austin is a Freshman on the JV team.
2010-02-24 Zach Nyman Varsity Baseball Player I love this place
2009-03-25 Steve Kosach 1995 Director of Sales and Marketing, Progressive Brands Inc., Assistant Baseball Coach, CPS High School, Oakland CA Coach Savage is a great coach, and I'm glad I was able to be a part of his first season as Head Coach. Good luck this year Huskies. Win State!
2009-03-22 Eric McDougal 1995 Pilot, Flight Instructor
2008-11-09 Jim Stewart Home Builder - Just a fan I have watched Pete for over 12 years now, he is as fine a man as a coach, my son could play for him anytime - as Jackie Robinson once said "A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives"
2008-10-23 Zeke 83 Financial Advisor Financial Advisor - Hartford Investors Sav.....great are truly one of the great ones....keep up it…
2008-06-10 Fred McElroy Real Estate Long time Huskies Fan who appreciate a winning program. Keep up the tradition!
2008-05-23 Caryn and Jackie Swobe 1978 and 1980 marketing/teaching Yeah, Huskies. You made your alumni proud all season. Congratulations on Regional Championship and excellent work in the State Tournament!
2008-05-11 John Landa 67 sales Parents, kids, and Reno High staff are lucky to have Pete Savage as their baseball coach. True dedication.
2008-05-11 Jimmy Woods Knights 1995 Teacher Coach Savage : Great coach and great programs. Congrats on another successful year!
2008-05-04 Zach Sanford 2009 Student and player for the Huskies and Knights This program has been blessed with some really great teams, kids, parents, coaches, and facilities. Thanks to all who make it that much better to play here at Reno!!!
2008-03-20 Steve Boucher 1987 Reno Huskies Analyst These players dont know how good they got it. Better yet, these parents dont know how good they got it!
2008-02-26 Grace Thomas 2009 Student Drew Simpson is an AMAZING baseball player
2008-01-21 Matt Dobra Knights '95-'97 Economics Professor Yeah, yeah, coach Savage was great, but c'mon, where's the love for Sass?
2007-12-20 Joe Muller 2011 Student Thanks to all the coaches for their help in the fall. I really learned a lot.
2007-10-24 Tony Enard Sparks 1992 Sales What time is the triple header on Sunday?
2007-05-07 Marc Kaiser 2000 Colorado Rockies Good to be a Huskie
2007-05-06 Hart McGrath 2013 student go huskies
2007-04-28 Matthew Barker 2015 Max's cousin GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RENO all the way from SCOTTSDALE,AZ YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007-02-19 Chad batboy Go Reno and Coach Savage. Go and win state
2007-02-18 Chad Savage 2013 batboy for Reno high and Student at Roy Gomm Win zone and state this year. Go HUSKIES!
2007-02-10 Jonah Wood Roy Gomm Go Reno and Thomas. win state
2007-01-20 Jonah Wood Student at Roy Gomm go Thomas, my brother
2007-01-03 Dan Sozzi Head Coach, El Dorado Hills Vipers Great organization, Coach Savage. I've heard nothing but good things about the Knights. I hope we can schedule some games.
2006-12-03 Jessie Weller 2002 Student Keep the tradition going coach Savage, you're doing a great job
2006-10-06 Alex Gardner Student Athlete Coach Savage, thanks for everything! Good luck in 2007. Please keep Bonari contained.
2006-09-22 Marc Bubba Digesti 1999 Head Strength Coach Unites States Disbaled Alpine Team, Head Strength Coach Winter Park Disabled Ski Team. Great to see the improvements in the program.
2006-07-20 Jesse Brown ASU Student, Devils Club Baseball Incredible program, what else can I say? Go MB!
2006-07-05 Don Miller Retired Lafayette Generals Skipper Pete...No one does it beter than you and your staff. Thank you for all the fond memories. Tell the Yakima coach to relax!!!
2006-06-21 Carson Wolbert 2009 Student
2006-06-12 Jim Aylward Financial advisor-baseball coach Coach Savage is the ultimate baseball coach. Every player should be thankful to have such a dedicated coach and mentor. I believe I would still be playing if I had a coach like Pete Savage. Go Huskies...keep up the hard work and tradition.
2006-05-10 Austin Wood Good luck Thomas!
2006-05-10 Ron & Pat Thomson 53 & 54 Retired Go ZACH!
2006-05-04 Nathan Selby Teacher/baseball coach Sierra Vista High School Las Vegas Nevada Loved the article about coach Savage. Sounds and looks like a class act from top to bottom. Good luck with continued success, although it sounds like he has found the formula that all winning programs have. Nice to hear of people coaching for the right
2006-04-12 Drew Johnson 2004 Student Athlete All success is owed to Pete Savage.
2006-04-04 Mark Meranda 1977 Supervisor of Inspections Sparks Building Department
2006-03-26 Walt 1992 Reno Toyota GOOD LUCK IN THIS YEAR, PLAY HARD!
2006-03-22 Chandra Rice 1999 MBA student Go Huskies!!!
2006-02-24 Drew Lipnosky 2003 College Good luck in 2006. Keep the winning tradition alive.
2006-02-12 Daniel Weston Information Technology Manager Johnny Rice's uncle and semi-pro baseball player/coach.
2006-01-23 Jim Iveson 1975 TTEE Brad King Memorial Pete this is great.I will put something together about our foundation for this site. Let me know if you want some stats on HBP I still have bruises from Rod Scurry.
2005-12-16 Andrew Riddell 1997 Commercial Finance Great job on the site! Amazing to see how many people have been fortunate enough to be part of such an amazing program! How about a support Reno Knights / Huskies donation link? Merchandise shopping cart etc. / I'd buy some gear ( being your Alaskan re
2005-11-29 Lucas Robb win state every year and go #00
2005-11-17 LJ SAVAGE
2005-10-28 Chad Savage batboy go huskies the best ever and will always be the best ever
2005-10-03 Timmy Robb go huskies
2005-10-02 Grant Kukuk 2005 bat boy for knights 2005 go knights and huskies
2005-09-06 Luke Robb student GO COACH SAVAGE !
2005-07-11 Bradley Lujan student win state
2005-07-11 Robert Lujan student go knights!
2005-06-28 Zach Paquette student GO HUSKIE BASEBALL!
2005-06-16 Chris Woolsey 2009 student Go Knights!
2005-06-01 Steven Molof 3 This school has got a special thing going, in it's past and definately in it's future. Thanks to the coach Savage for what he's built at Reno High.
2005-05-13 Jeff Schoenbachler 2004 Baseball Player Go Huskies! This is the best baseball program ever
2005-05-10 Len Savage 1978 Savage & Son, Inc. Plumbing & Heating Contractor NV. Lic. # 10 GO Huskies. GO get more state title's like we did in '77, '78. GO HUSKIES
2005-04-30 Chad Savage 2005 bat boy GO HUSKIE BASEBALL
2005-04-30 drew johnson 2004 school go huskies get another state title
2005-04-21 Steve Mays 4 student
2005-04-21 Jake Johnson 2004 Student Go Huskies
2005-04-18 Andy Walden 1999 School/Web Designer Congratulations to the state title. Finally.