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NYBA Legion State Baseball Tournament

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

August 02 thru August 09, 2008
Wilson Stadium- University of Nevada Las Vegas
Saturday, August 2
Game Time Team Seed vs. Opponent Seed
Game 1 5:00pm Seed () 5 vs. Seed () 4
Game 2 8:00pm Seed () 8 vs. Seed () 1
Sunday, August 3
Game 3 5:00pm Reno () 6 vs. Seed () 3
Game 4 8:00pm Seed () 7 vs. Seed () 2
Monday, August 4
Game 5 5:00pm Game #1 Loser () vs. Game #2 Loser ()
Game 6 8:00pm Game #1 Winner () vs. Game #2 Winner ()
Tuesday, August 5
Game 7 5:00pm Game #3 Loser () vs. Game #4 Loser ()
Game 8 8:00pm Game #3 Winner () vs. Game #4 Winner ()
Wednesday, August 6
Game 9 5:00pm Game #5 Winner () vs. Game #6 Loser ()
Game10 8:00pm Game #7 Winner () vs. Game #8 Loser ()
Thursday, August 7
Game11 5:00pm Game #8 Winner () vs. Game #10 Winner ()
Game12 8:00pm Game #6 Winner () vs. Game #9 Winner ()
If Necessary*
Thursday, Friday, August 8
Game13 TBA* Game #8 Winner () vs. Game #11 Winner ()
Game14 TBA* Game #6 Winner () vs. Game #12 Winner ()
Championship Game
Saturday, August 9
Game15 7:30pm Game #11 – #13 Winner () vs. Game #12 – #14 Winner ()
NOTE: Game #13 will be played if the winner of Game #10 also wins Game #11. Game #14 will be played if the winner of Game #9 also wins Game #12. If only one game on Friday, August 8 is necessary, it will start at 7:30pm. If the winners of Games #11 and #12 are undefeated, there will be no games on Friday and the one-game championship will be played on Saturday night, August 9, at 7:30pm. In the latter scenario, only 13 games would be played in the state tournament as Games #13 and #14, scheduled for Friday, would not be played.
In state tourney games, the highest seed team (#1 is high, #8 is low) will be considered the “home” team and occupy the third-base dugout. All games are scheduled nine-inning contests, subject to the 10-run rule after seven innings.


3rd Annual High Sierra Summer Baseball Classic

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

Welcome to the 3rd Annual High Sierra Summer Baseball Classic. Thanks for your participation in what I hope will be a great tournament and a great time for all. All tourney games will be played on the Varsity and J.V. on the campus of Bishop Manogue High School and Reno High School. This is the third and hopefully last tourney bracket you will receive. Dayton and Idaho have dropped out leaving us with 8 quality teams.


Charles Oppio 775-745-5842 home- 775-425-9799
Dave Kuliokowski 775-771-1501

Reno High
Pete Savage 775-690-9316
Tournament Information:
• $500.00 entry fee and a 15 baseballs
• Each team will supply three balls for each game
• Both teams are responsible for shagging foul balls
• There is a five game guarantee
• Trophies awarded for 1st place and Tourney MVP and an All-Tourney Team
• There will be an admission fee for all spectators
• There will be a full service snack bar for fans and players

Game Information:
• All Sunday games will be @ Bishop Manogue
• High school rules are in place
• Re-entry rule is allowed
• Courtesy runner for pitcher and catcher at anytime
• 10 minute infield for each team before each game
• JV field will be available for stretching and warming up when not in use
• Coin flip will determine the home team
• Reno Athletics will have the first base dugout and will be the home team @ Manogue
• Reno Knights will have 3rd base dugout and will be the home team @ Reno High.

There will be one pool consisting of all eight teams. The top two will play each other on Sunday for the championship. The other six teams will play each other for 3rd,5th, and 7th place.
Pool seeding is as follows:
• Win loss record
• Head to head
• Runs allowed
• Coin flip

Thursday, July 24th
Bishop Manogue Varsity Field Reno High School
10:00 am Victor Valley vs Carson
1:00 pm Ridgecrest vs. Carson Tahoe vs North Valleys
4:00 pm A’s vs. Ridgecrest Knights vs. GWN Badgers
Friday, July 25th
Bishop Manogue Varsity Field Reno High School
10:00 am Ridgecrest vs Tahoe
1:00 pm Tahoe vs. Carson GWN Badgers vs Victor Valley
4:00 pm A’s vs. North Valleys Reno Knights vs Victor Valley
Saturday, July 26th
Bishop Manogue Varsity Field Reno High School
10:00 am North Valleys vs. Carson Tahoe vs GWN Badgers
1:00 pm A’s vs. Victor Valley Reno Knights vs Ridgecrest
4:00 pm A’s vs. GWN Badgers Reno Knights vs North Valleys
Sunday, July 27th
10:00 am 7th Place Game JV Field
10:00 am 5th Place Game Varsity Field
1:00 pm 3rd Place Game Varsity Field
4:00 pm Championship Game Varsity Field


A Hot Summer For Turk: San Francisco’s Johnson Blossoms In Harrisonburg

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

Daily News Record

Written By Dustin Dopirak

HARRISONBURG – Between games of Monday night’s quasi-doubleheader, Drew Johnson was the definition of the term “unaffected,” sitting on a chair just outside the dugout at Memorial Stadium and singing along as the public address system blared Bryan Adams’ “Summer of ’69.”

It was fitting because Johnson might be the only member of the Harrisonburg Turks who could someday be able to refer to the summer of 2008 as the best days of his life.

The bad luck that has cursed this squad for most of the season apparently decided to spare the outfielder from the University of San Francisco, and Monday night was another example.

After flying out in his first at-bat of the game Sunday night – when a problem with a light fixture forced the game to be suspended after two innings until Monday – Johnson had hits in his next three at-bats, finishing 3-for-4 with a run scored and an RBI. That and a strong performance by left-hander Chris Chapman led the Turks to a 4-3 win over the Fauquier Gators, helping them improve to 15-22 and keeping them in line for the eighth and final playoff spot in the Valley Baseball League playoffs.

“It’s hard to explain,” Johnson said after the first game. “You go through your ups and your downs. Individually, it’s been a pretty good summer for me, but I think a lot of it’s luck.”

The rest of the Turks certainly wish he could spread it around. His performance Monday boosted his average to .349, almost 80 points ahead of the Turk with the second-best mark, Troy outfielder Michael Precise (.270.). It also put him more than 120 points ahead of Harrisonburg’s anemic team average of .226.

Johnson also leads the team in slugging percentage (.500) and on-base percentage (.382). His four home runs rank third on the team behind third baseman Landon Camp (six) and Precise (five), and his 16 RBIs trail only Precise’s 25.

“He’s been the guy that’s been keeping us in a lot of ballgames,” Turks owner/coach Bob Wease said. “He’s been our best hitter so far this year.”

Wease had no reason to expect that, however, considering Johnson’s college performance to date. Until this summer, it was he, not his teammates, who was always struggling at the plate.

Johnson began his career at Nevada, carrying the pressure of being somewhat of a hometown folk hero. In his senior year at Reno High School, he led the team to a state title after suffering a broken jaw by being hit in the face with a throw earlier in the season. As a college freshman, however, he went 1-for-20, getting his only hit of the year on the season’s last day. His sophomore campaign was better, but still rough, as he batted .203.

Johnson saw his competition for playing time at Nevada and realized he’d never get much playing time, so he transferred to San Francisco in 2006, but he had to sit out the 2007 baseball season when he dislocated his left shoulder.

As a redshirt junior for the Dons in 2008, he got more playing time than ever before, but was still a part-timer, and struggled to a .232 average with just 13 RBIs.

San Francisco’s coaching staff, however, believed the 6-foot-3, 195-pounder was primed for big things. Coach Nino Giarratano was out of the country and not available for comment Monday, according to a spokesman at USF, but in April he told the Reno Gazette-Journal: “He’s close. I think he’s really close to having a breakout year.”

This summer has been exactly that. Johnson is hitting more than 100 points higher with a wooden bat then he ever did with metal. The key, Johnson said, is security. With no one on the team pushing him, he’s gone into every game knowing he’d be in it.

“It’s nice to be able to make adjustments and still know that you’re going to be in the lineup on a consistent basis,” Johnson said. “At school, I didn’t have that luxury. If I was hitting, I’d play; if I wasn’t, I wouldn’t play. It’s kind of nice to have enough at-bats to be able to work through your problems.”

Not that there have been many problems to speak of. In fact, his Harrisonburg teammates are so impressed by his approach that they’re stunned he’s ever struggled.

“He’s a tremendous athlete,” said Turks shortstop Mark Brooks. “He’s just kind of a natural hitter. He has an awesome approach. He’s able to hit the ball to all fields. I think that’s the main reason why he’s been so successful. He stays inside the ball so well, he reminds me of Derek Jeter. … It’s very rare to see somebody that athletic not have much success playing Division I baseball. I wouldn’t be surprised for him to have an amazing year this year and get drafted.”

Which would make the spring and summer of ’09 the best days of his life.


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